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Parade of Troughs

The Trough Obsession

There are lots of ways to make and plant troughs. On the top right, a group of gardeners make troughs at Betty Mackey’s workshop at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, using the papercrete technique (photo by James Bray). Each student has a mask, gloves, a project, and a carrying board. Other photos show troughs in many styles and materials. The rectangular trough with white 'London Pride' saxifrage spilling over the side is by trough book co-author Rex Murfitt, and the cement flowerpot is his, too. Below that we have troughs made by Betsy Knapp, at the Philadelphia Flower Show (left) and for sale (right). At the bottom right is a newly made papercrete trough about to be planted.

There are free trough-making instructions on the trough page of this website. Buy the lively and colorful papercrete CD ($10 postpaid to customers in the USA and Canada) This is Betty Mackey's original technique and it's easy! This story CD  plays on Windows computers but not Mac. It may be shown to groups and includes pdf directions in addition to the show.

Papercrete CD