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Gardening is my obsession, and it is reflected in many ways, especially in my photography and painting. My artwork is available for sale at creative online sites and I hope you will take a look. If you are an artist you may want to join these sites too. They are sociable and fun, providing a great connection to other artists around the world.      — Betty Mackey

These websites show my work in my online galleries and sell it in printed form – as canvases, prints on paper, and products such as pillows, tee shirts, iPad cases, and even shower curtains. is an international artist's site based in Australia. There I enjoy the creativity of my newly met artist friends around the world. It's a great place to get feedback on one's work and also sell some of it. They print up terrific prints, cards, tee shirts, and calendars a number of different ways. Orders can be paid for via PayPal. To join RedBubble you just sign up. It is totally free. I go there often to see what's new. is a division of CafePress located on the West Coast of the USA. It cannot be topped for high quality giclee prints, framed or unframed, on paper or artists' canvas, in small to large sizes. They have many framing options. I recently purchased a stretched canvas print of one of my abstract works, three feet wide, and it arrived in perfect condition, meticulously made and ready to hang. Cards can be made there, too. You can buy the work of artists or have your own work printed there. Basic membership is free but higher level accounts involve a charge. has my more recent work and prints great products such as shopping bags, pillows, clocks, shower curtains, and phone cases along with their art prints for hanging on the wall. I especially like the way this site handles communication with other artists. I get instant feedback from my artist followers whenever I post new work. does not sell anything directly but is a place to post pictures from the web. It is a treasure trove of endless inspiration. My site is . The images I post have links to great garden and craft ideas or else they feature my own or other people’s artwork.

I hope you’ll take a look at  some of my photos, paintings, and products.

Digital Colors. Art by Betty Mackey

This bag is printed with the “Holiday Hairdo” design and is for sale from Click the image to link. Pinterest Imagekind Return to Home Page

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