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A Cutting Garden for Florida




A Cutting Garden for Florida, Third Edition. By Betty Mackey and Monica Brandies. Grow marvelous flowers for bouquets in you Florida home landscape. This book tells how to grow the best cut flowers and materials for Florida and harvest, condition, and arrange them, fresh or dry. Here are 144 packed pages on annuals, perennials, and woodies, and everything relates to the Florida climate and soil in three distinct regions. Paperback with line drawings by Betty Mackey. The plant-by-plant conditioning info will give your cuts a fresh and professional look. The list price is $15.95 but it is $14 postpaid from B. B. Mackey Books with the PayPal Add to Cart button below on the right. It can also be bought from on their terms.

Cutting Gardens

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A favorite activity of mine is growing flowers and foliage for bouquets. When I lived in Florida a wrote a small guide called A Cutting Garden for Florida. After moving to Pennsylvania, I teamed up with Florida garden writer Monica Brandies and expanded the book, twice. It solves many Florida garden problems. It is in its third edition now.  The book has great reviews and includes:

* Ways to enhance your landscape with flowers for bouquets

* Plant-by-plant tips for a muggy, buggy climate

* Plant-by-Plant tips for harvesting and conditioning

* Best cut flowers and foliage for Florida, including unusual material

* The Florida gardener’s calendar, month by month

* Instructions on arranging Florida’s cut flowers, fresh or dry

I also co-wrote Cutting Gardens, with Anne Halpin, published by Simon and Schuster. Although out of print now it can be found as a used book. The 200-plant guide is for all zones of the USA and includes conditioning info for each plant individually.  – Betty Mackey

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A Cutting Garden for Florida, Third Edition
Cutting Gardens: The Complete Guide to Growing Flowers and Creating Spectacular Arrangements for Every Season and Every Region