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by Monica Brandies

Citrus is a herb and has many uses around the home.

All citrus contains many helpful vitamins and minerals.

Once picked, citrus will not ripen much further.

Cats dislike citrus aromas and chemicals -- use a mixture of coffee grounds and citrus peels in your garden to repel cats .

Citrus fruits with pebbly skin make better zest than smooth-skinned types.

Fallen citrus fruits that are not good enough to eat can be used for cleaning products and worm compost.

Pureed citrus peels discourage fire ants.

With directions from the book, make your own:

Orange juice

Citrus blossom tea

Candied citrus peel

Marinade for meat and seafood

Citrus zest and garnishes



Citrus mint punch

Closet fresheners and sachets; potpourri

Air fresheners for home and car

Insect and mosquito repellant

Stain remover

Hair rinse

Home cleaner

Plant leaf cleaner

Lemon vinegar


Food for livestock and wildlife

Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage


GREAT CITRUS BOOK by Monica Brandies!

So useful and fun!

Grow citrus! Kumquat, limequat, lemon, honey murcott, tangelo, Cara Cara navel, grapefruit, ponkan, pummelo? This info packed little book shows the best types of citrus fruit for your garden and tells how to grow them!

Use citrus! Citrus is one of the world's most useful herbs. Here are recipes for drinks, food, beauty products, household products, insect repellents, air fresheners, and more. Don't waste the fruit, peels, or even the blossoms. What a fun reference! In this colorful handbook, Florida author Monica Brandies shares her ways with wonderful homegrown or purchased citrus:

* Buy or harvest citrus. Tips on selection and storage of the best fruit.

* Grow citrus at home. Indoors in cool climates and outdoors in many southern states, here's what you need to know to keep your citrus trees and shrubs healthy.

* Citrus in the kitchen. Recipes and techniques for food and drink from citrus fruits, peels, and flowers. Treats! Waste nothing, not even the peels.

* Citrus around the house. Air fresheners, potpourri, citrus vinegar, citrus products for cleaning and stain removal, and orange oil for multiple heavy duty uses.

* Citrus in the garden. Kill bugs and fire ants, repel mosquitoes and cats, and make worm compost.

* Citrus guide. Select citrus types and cultivars, see harvest time for USA citrus-growing regions.

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