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THE TROUGH BOOK HAS RETURNED! Creating and Planting Garden Troughs, by Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt, is out in a revised paperback edition. It is 168 pages long. This book has been called the bible of trough making and it won a Book of the Year award from the American Horticultural Society. For making troughs large and small, here is the classic hypertufa technique plus variations. This illustrated book covers trough history, making troughs, planting troughs, plants for troughs, and landscaping design with troughs. Published by B. B. Mackey Books. To purchase it with Paypal, click below.

Creating and Planting Garden Troughs




AMERICAN GARDENING (Magazine of the American Horticultural Society): Selected as one of five Books of the Year 2000. "'This is a much needed practical guide to the construction, planting, and maintenance of hypertufa troughs,' says Marco Polo Stufano. Written in a down-to-earth style, the book also details the history of gardening in troughs and describes a wide variety of plants that can be combined creatively in them."

ROCK GARDEN QUARTERLY (Magazine of the North American Rock Garden Society), Loren Russell:  "The strength of this book is Joyce Fingerut's clear and patient exposition of trough construction, greatly enhanced by the generous use of Jane Grushow's photographs of critical steps in the process. ... Moderately priced at $21, this well-illustrated book is an excellent value for anyone, experienced or not, who is interested in trough building."

PACIFIC HORTICULTURE (Magazine of the California Horticultural Society), Richard G. Turner, Jr., Editor: "Much has been written ... on the fine art of making a garden trough. None, however, have come close to the thoroughness with which authors Fingerut and Murfitt have assembled this book on the fine art of crafting simulated stone troughs. ...The authors devote one-third of their book to a lengthy and detailed discussion of only about thirty genera of plants. But what a wonderful discourse it is, covering the natural origin of the genera, key species of interest, and specific needs for successful cultivation. ... In addition to the fabrication of troughs and the plants to fill them, the authors discuss the placement of troughs in a garden, appropriate soil mixes for different ecological groupings of plants, and care of the troughs once planted."

ALPINE GARDENING ON THE NET (Alan Grainger, UK): "This work is, as the title implies, about garden troughs and NOT trough gardens. It has a most comprehensive chapter (42 pages) on the construction of hypertufa troughs covering everything from what materials to purchase, what tools to use, how to make the moulds, and how to give your trough an 'authentic' look. From my experience of trough making nothing appears to have been missed. Joyce Fingerut has excelled in her meticulous attention to detail." Summer, 1999.

THE BOOKWATCH:  "Creating and Planting Garden Troughs is an important addition to any personal or professional gardening reference book collection." 1999.

BULLETIN OF THE ALPINE GARDEN SOCIETY (UK): "A detailed study of the use of troughs in gardens. The subject covers both stone troughs, sinks, and artificial containers (including the construction of hypertufa troughs) used for growing a wide range of alpine plants and dwarf shrubs. The planting, cultivation and maintenance of troughs are all considered. There is a chapter devoted to suitable plants for troughs as well as another with planting plans. There are some colour photographs but the majority are half-tone. Written from an American perspective and packed with information." June, 2000.

Barbara Ellis, HARDY PLANT SOCIETY NEWSLETTER: "This book by Philadelphia native Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt, a gardener trans- planted from England who now lives in British Columbia will appeal to beginning and advanced trough gardeners alike.  ...  Chapter Three covers planting: siting, soil mixes, and options for positioning the plants and rocks that make troughs so appealing. It also covers care and maintenance. Chapter Four, the largest one in the book, covers plants—where to find them, how to select them, and species to consider. The discussion of individual species includes cultural information and provides dexcriptions of more adaptable species. The book also includes planting plans for troughs as well as a list of sources and resources." Winter, 2000.

THE GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA BULLETIN: Most garden tours now include trough gardens in different shapes and sizes. It is fascinating to see not only the variety of dimensions but also the assortments of plant materials. Creating and Planting Garden Troughs is an excellent resource for those who are interested in creating their own designs.The authors teach in great detail how to consruct and plant lightweight hypertufa troughs. They also supply the reader with lists of plants to use together, depending on space and growing conditions. Sherie Mortimer, October/November 2000.