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B. B. Mackey Books is an independent publisher of illustrated garden books based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I am  the founder and publisher, and also a writer, photographer, editor, designer, and lecturer. I am a long-time member of the Garden Writers Association. The authors who work with me and I do lectures, slide shows, and demonstrations for horticultural and community groups. The books I publish are all paperbacks, and some of them are also available in Kindle eBook editions through

Book Subjects. Most of the books are on specialized subjects and include hard-to-find information, prepared in an interesting and useful way, often with gentle humor. I publish books on rock gardening and troughs, miniature and fairy gardens, southern gardening, books for Florida, garden journals for your own notes, and garden stories and essays. Several have won awards.

The newest book is  Aphid in my Eye: Adventures in the Orchid Trade, by Thomas Powell (acclaimed editor of the Avant Gardening horticultural newsletter), telling how he and his wife Betty fell into the obsessive world of competitive orchid growing and had many adventures.

A recent hit book is Fairy Gardens, by Betty Earl, which tells how to plant and furnish your own delightful miniature world. A sequel to that is coming out soon. Perhaps our best known books are for Florida gardeners and rock gardeners. The complete book list can be found here .

My main winter hobby is art and the rest of the year it is my two gardens -- one at home and one in the Skunk Hollow Community Garden.

Thanks for looking at my website!

– Betty

Betty Mackey, Publisher

B. B. Mackey Books

P. O. Box 475

Wayne, PA


On this site there are PayPal links for purchasing the paperback books published by B. B. Mackey Books.  Paypal is a trusted online merchant service and allows you to use your Paypal account or your credit card for purchases without giving your credit card info to each vendor and website you shop from. I have used Paypal for years with great results. B. B. Mackey Books is a verified business user of Paypal.

Order by mail. If you prefer mail order, send your book order and check or money order (US dollars only) to B. B. Mackey Books, P. O. Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087. Free shipping is by Media Mail to anywhere in the United States. Sales tax (for Pennsylvania residents only) is 6 percent of the total of merchandise. Be sure to include the mailing address to which your book(s) will be sent.

International Orders. At this time (2014) book prices to Canada are the same as in the USA, but please add $5 for shipping to Canada. For orders to be sent to other countries it is best to order through, .de, au, etc. because of customs charges and high shipping costs. Many of the books can be printed in England, Australia, and other countries through Amazon which saves on such charges.

Pay with PayPal. Use the shopping cart buttons on the book listings on this website. Please provide the mailing address to which the order will be sent. Shipping is free within the USA. International currencies are handled through PayPal. If you have questions about international shipping charges or have trouble with the PayPal buttons email me at

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If you are ordering FOR a bookstore or making a bulk order for a garden club or group, contact me for wholesale terms. Any three books is the minimum purchase. Or you can make wholesale and library purchases from Ingram Distribution, Sunburst Books, Baker and Taylor, and other suppliers. Free booklists for retail, wholesale, and library customers are available on request. Ask for one by email or write to

B. B. Mackey Books

P. O. Box 475

Wayne, PA 19087 USA

There are PayPal purchase buttons for wholesale purchases of several of the books with a minimum order of 3 copies, not mixed.

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