Garden notebooks should be inviting to write in. They should prompt you to keep track of important information, but they should not tell you what to do or have a complicated format. That's my opinion, anyway, and that's why I developed these garden notebooks. They are attractive but not too fancy to write in! Any one makes a great gift for a gardener, especially a gardener who is starting a new landscape. The price shown include postage to USA addresses.

$9.00 GARDEN NOTES THIS YEAR. Just in time for the garden season, this is a very pretty book for your own garden notes. It is the blank but structured garden notebook, Garden Notes This Year by Betty Mackey. Each week you enter the weather data, bird and wildlife notes, plant observations, tasks done, and other events. It is 112 pages long and measures a perfect pocketsize 6 x 9 inches. No comb, just a neat "perfect" paperback binding. It has the lovely pink 'Sally Holmes' rose on the cover and is the perfect gift for any gardener.

$9.00. PLANT NOTES: THE PLANT COLLECTOR'S NOTEBOOK. Quick, name that cultivar! Can't remember? Here's the PERFECT little notebook for tracking your garden plants, designed by Betty Mackey, with a space for your illustration or plant tag info on each page. When you acquire a plant, record its genus, species, cultivar, source, etc., one page per plant. There's room for 125 plants and you make an index as you fill the book. The pocket-size book measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The lovely cover shows a blushing peach Brugmansia bloom.

$9 is the price from me directly and that includes shipping. The books are a little more from Amazon and shipping charges may be applied.

Ask me for an order form or send an order to me at

B. B. Mackey Books
P. O. Box 475
Wayne, PA 19087

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