As I worked on producing the books, I learned Photoshop and refreshed my old art skills. As I got better, I discovered online art sites that let one create and post images to be made into art prints, pillows, tech cases, clothing (even dresses) and furniture. I got very interested. The sites I use are free for the artists to use. You can join, too. I call the image at left Time Travel. It is available from printed on many products including this one, the chiffon top. It is printed only if it is ordered, and if the customer is happy then the artist gets a commission. You can see my main art sites from the links below:

I like the easy way that Instagram works and have posted hort photos and art images. I am @bettybmackey there.

Pinterest is a site that lets you make collections of images on subjects of interest. To see what I have picked out, go to

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