FLORIDA GARDENING: THE NEWCOMER'S SURVIVAL MANUAL, SECOND EDITION, by Monica Moran Brandies ISBN 1893443094. Illustrated (bw) and indexed. 136 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches. Laugh off the garden perils and grow a wonderful new landscape in Florida! Every day, newcomers arrive in Florida from northern areas and are stumped by the sandbox-type soil, upside-down garden year, strange looking lawn grass, and muggy, buggy climate. But they see neighbors with lush Florida lawns and colorful plantings and fruit-bearing trees. How do these successful gardens happen? Help is here in the user-friendly book that has told thousands of Florida gardener wanna-be's how to make a great Florida lawn and garden. That’s why Florida Gardening: The Newcomer's Survival Manual was written.

Chapters cover preparing for the move, avoiding costly mistakes, Florida plant material, exotic and plain flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables, and fruits, container gardening in Florida, turning Florida sand into rich soil with mulch, native and eco-friendly plants, making good tree choices, and much more, all delivered with expertise and good humor by popular Florida author Monica Brandies. The list price of this book is $19.95 but USA customers can have it postpaid for $18 paid to B. B. Mackey Books. It is also available from www.amazon.com (link below), and is in many Florida libraries, too.

Amazon.com Link to Florida Gardening: The Newcomer’s Survival Manual

A CUTTING GARDEN FOR FLORIDA, Third Edition. By Betty Mackey and Monica Brandies. Grow marvelous flowers for bouquets in you Florida home landscape. This book tells how to grow the best cut flowers and materials for Florida and harvest, condition, and arrange them, fresh or dry. Here are 144 packed pages on annuals, perennials, and woodies, and everything relates to the Florida climate and soil in three distinct regions. Paperback with line drawings by Betty Mackey. The plant-by-plant conditioning info will give your cuts a fresh and professional look. The list price is $15.95 but it is $14 postpaid from B. B. Mackey Books. It can also be bought from Amazon.com on their terms.

* More information than ever in this third edition of a well-loved book.
* Ways to enhance your landscape with flowers for bouquets.
* Plant-by-plant tips for a muggy, buggy climate.
* Plant-by-plant tips for harvesting and conditioning.
* Best cut flowers and unusual cut flowers for Florida, including shrubs.
* The Florida flower gardener's calendar, month by month.
* Instructions on aranging Florida cut flowers, fresh or dry.
* Instructions on making living arrangements of ornamental plants.
* Extensive lists of resources, websites, and gardens to visit.

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