B. B. Mackey Books is an independent publisher of illustrated garden books based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I am the founder and publisher, and also a writer, photographer, editor, designer, and lecturer. I am a long-time member of the Garden Writers Association (now GardenComm) and became a Fellow in 2018. The authors who work with me and I do lectures, slide shows, and demonstrations for horticultural and community groups. The books I publish are paperbacks, and some of them are also available in Kindle eBook editions through Amazon.com.

Book Subjects. Most of the books are on specialized subjects and include hard-to-find information, prepared in an interesting and useful way, often with gentle humor. I publish books on rock gardening and troughs, miniature and fairy gardens, southern gardening, books for Florida, garden journals for your own notes, and garden stories and essays. Several have won awards.

The newest book is Aphid in my Eye: Adventures in the Orchid Trade, by Thomas Powell (acclaimed editor of the Avant Gardening horticultural newsletter), telling with rare humor how, as newlyweds, he and his wife Betty fell into the obsessive world of competitive orchid growing and had astounding adventures. A recent hit book is Fairy Gardens, by Betty Earl, which tells how to plant and furnish your own delightful miniature world, or help a child do so. Perhaps our best known books are for Florida gardeners and rock gardeners.

My main winter hobby is art (see www.redbubble.com/people/bettymackey) and the rest of the year it is my two gardens -- one at home and one in the Skunk Hollow Community Garden. Before focusing mainly on B. B. Mackey Books, I was co-author of several books, The Gardener’s Home Companion (Macmillan), Cutting Gardens (Simon & Schuster), and Gardens Made Easy (Publications International). I was the Hunt Magazine garden columnist from 1994 to 2018. Thanks for looking at my website!

    Betty Mackey, Publisher

B. B. Mackey Books

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Wayne, PA 19087  (USA)


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